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What is the price of magnesia brick classification, breathable brick?

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What is the price of magnesia brick classification, breathable brick?

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What is the price of magnesia brick classification, breathable brick?

For some conditions of use is brick, breathable performance using products with high porosity and high. At present, the steel ladle bottom blowing argon gas permeable corundum brick is widely used in steel mills, and the metal is blown with gas, that is, the corundum brick used to blow the liquid with gas. The particle size is the same, and the particles are tightly bonded with the filler and binder in the sintering process, so that the product becomes a solid block, and the size of the same size determines the shape and size of the pores. If the air permeability of the products must be increased, the size of the particles should be added to the addition of the embers, and the size of the particles should be the same as the size of the filling material, and the shape of the particles should be the same as the same.


For the air blowing porous metal with corundum brick, magnesia has certain advantages. Industrial aerated corundum bricks can be made from fused alumina 63, which is made of granular material. The mixture of industrial alumina (65%) and fireclay (35%) can be used as binder. The binder should be finely grinded together in the cylindrical mill and the content of the mixture is greater than 1%~1.5%, which is greater than 60 m. Pug mixing in wet grinding machine, requirements of mixing 10min, moisture content of clay 4.3%~5%, then sift in screen size 5mm screen. Molding in the hydraulic pressure machine 35MPa, brick density reached 2.60g / cm3. The products are burnt in a tunnel kiln or in an inverted flame kiln. The temperature is 1570 centigrade, the heat preservation is 22 + 2h, and the total firing time can not be less than 150h.

There are several methods for producing permeability corundum brick, 20% is bonded with corundum waste (60%) and (40%) the common ground of clay, mud 4%~5% water, pressed out of the brick density is 2.60 g / cm3, after 86h in tunnel kiln firing, the highest firing temperature of 1560 DEG C, insulation (5 + 1) H.

And the use of brick as material, pure calcium aluminate cement and SiO2 ultrafine powder as binder, phosphate as dispersing agent, using ultra low cement castable process.

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