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To fundamentally change the brick factory wholesale

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To fundamentally change the brick factory wholesale

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To fundamentally change the brick factory wholesale

All kinds of refractory products (fused materials except) energy (fuel, electricity and water consumption), magnesia chrome brick, magnesia brick, magnesia cement proportion accounted for burning up to 70%~80%, key energy-saving work of refractory materials is to reduce fuel consumption. Therefore, it is very necessary to conduct thermal analysis of furnace and kiln, compile the heat balance table of the furnace, analyze the heat consumption comprehensively, find out the main direction and energy saving measures to reduce the heat consumption and improve the thermal efficiency. According to the habit, the refractory furnace kiln adopts the unit product heat consumption as the measurement standard of the thermal economic performance. But the heat consumption of the unit products can only be compared between the same products. Although the thermal economy of the furnace can be compared relatively, it does not reflect the heat utilization side of the furnace.

The truth of the face. If the heat energy utilization of the furnace is not a scientific standard, it will be bound to hinder the efforts to improve the thermal economic performance of the refractory furnace in the future. The domestic and foreign industrial furnaces generally adopt "thermal efficiency" as a standard to measure the use of heat. By comparing the thermal efficiency of refractories and furnaces, we can eliminate the factors that cause the different properties of refractory materials, so they are also very suitable for refractory furnaces.

In the former Ministry of metallurgical industry under the arrangement, Anshan coking and refractory Design Institute in 80s produced the "tunnel kiln, kiln, rotary kiln thermal balance determination and calculation method of the Interim Provisions", and in a furnace experiments were carried out after approval, as the industry standard.

Evaluation of furnace thermal economy standards by thermal efficiency

ETA = sigma Sigma Qe/ Qi


The sum of the theoretical values of the physical and chemical heat consumed in the calcining process of the material in the system;

Sigma Qi - the total heat income of the system

The "thermal efficiency" stipulated in the evaluation of furnace performance is defined as the sum of the theoretical value of physical and chemical heat consumed in the system during the calcination process, i.e. the ratio of total effective heat to total heat consumption. With the continuous increase of refractory varieties, the "effective heat" data of the calcining process of some new varieties need to be measured in a scientific way. Through the measurement of the thermal efficiency of the kiln, it is found that the heat loss is mainly caused by the heat loss of the exhaust gas, the heat loss on the kiln surface and the heat loss of the kiln car / kiln body. Therefore, the measurement provides reliable technical support for the transformation of old furnaces and the design of new furnaces.

(2) monitoring and renovation of the pollution environment of the furnace

The smoke and dust in the furnace is one of the key sources of pollution. 1990 ~1992 Anshan coking and refractory Institute of refractories factory has pollution in China conducted a survey analysis, including mechanized shaft kiln and alkaline refractory material factory of ultra-high temperature shaft kiln and rotary kiln, tunnel kiln and kiln heat treatment, the monitoring of multiple pollution factors. As a result, 4 kinds of harmful substances in the flue gas of the furnace are in turn: SO2, CO, NOx and smoke, according to the degree of their pollution. Different kiln environmental pollution severity compared, followed by heat treatment kiln, tunnel kiln, rotary kiln, ultra high temperature kiln, mechanized vertical kiln. Especially the mechanized vertical kiln seriously exceed the standard. The amount of harmful substances is shown in Table 3. Multi tube dust collector and cyclone dust collector are adopted. The efficiency of dust removal is low, and the concentration of smoke and dust is seriously exceeded.

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