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65 "during the first application in small ladle brick brick price

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65 "during the first application in small ladle brick brick price

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65 "during the first application in small ladle brick brick price

After the aluminum magnesite ramming, our country has developed a high alumina bauxite clinker and sintered magnesia as raw material, and the liquid magnesium silicate as the binder. In the period of "65", the castable was first popularized and applied to the small ladle brick, and good effect was obtained. For example, the 10t and 14T ladle bricks of a steel mill in Hebei, with aluminum and magnesium castables combined with water glass, have an average age of 109.7 times [12], which is more than 8 times more than the clay brick lining. The 15t and 13T ladle bricks of a steel plant in Heilongjiang, using aluminum and magnesium castable, are 53 times a time, and the age of the clay lining is only 6~10 times.

During the period of "75", the overall lining technology of ladle brick was listed as the key new technology extension project of the Ministry of metallurgy in the whole country. By the third quarter of 1987, the middle and small ladle bricks (below 45t) were used for the converter in our country below 30t, and most of the whole pouring lining was used. The life span of the whole pouring lining is 40~60 times, and some small ladle bricks can reach 90 times [13]. The consumption of refractory lining and the cost is greatly reduced, and achieved significant economic benefits. The physical and chemical indexes of water glass combined with aluminum and magnesium castable for ladle bricks in a steel factory are Al2O3 75.20%, MgO 9.47%, SiO2 10.25%, bulk density (110 24h) 2.67 ~ 2.73g./cm3, and room temperature flexural strength (110 c * 24h) 14.9MPa.


In addition to ramming material, aluminum magnesium aluminum magnesium casting materials, China has also developed a combination of aluminum and magnesium water glass brick, brick used in ladle, ladle life than aluminium silicate brick traditional long. The use of aluminum magnesium brick Benxi 160t ladle brick, the average life expectancy of 40.56 times than the use of three high aluminum brick (18.5 life) increases by more than 1 times. The use of aluminum magnesium Tianjin three steel mills 20t ladle brick brick is the average life expectancy of 38.8 times, up to 55 times, is the clay brick lining service life (9) more than 4 times.

Factory production of water glass with physicochemical indexes of aluminum magnesium unfired brick is Al2O3 68.46% ~ 74.07%, 7.65% ~ 12.32% MgO, SiO2 9.02% ~ 13.37%, 1.12% ~ 1.83% Fe2O3, the volume density of 2.48 ~ 2.86g/cm3, 16% ~ 23% porosity, compressive strength at room temperature is 55.6 ~ 123MPa.

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