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The future trend of the refractories industry storage brick brick wholesale

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The future trend of the refractories industry storage brick brick wholesale

Release date:2018-01-30 Author: Click:

The future trend of the refractories industry storage brick brick wholesale

Problems of high resource dependence, industry competition dispersion, low production efficiency refractory industry; on the other hand, with the continuous heat storage brick downstream industry standard integration, the refractory requirements will gradually improve, product upgrading and transformation in the future will become the main development direction of refractory industry, all aspects of refractory materials are widely used in the industry, with the the development of Chinese industry, domestic more refractory materials with the need for more and, especially refractory magnesia chrome brick, refractory brick, the four characteristics of their:

First, the refractory brick and magnesia chrome brick have four characteristics:

1. Wear resistance.

2. Thermal conductivity: under the condition of unit temperature gradient, the heat flow rate on the unit area of the material is related to the porosity.

3. Impact resistance: don't explain it. It has good impact resistance and long service life.

4. Slag resistance: the ability to resist the erosion of slag at high temperature and not to be destroyed



Two. Future trends:

The first one: unshaped refractory material and raise the proportion of high-grade. With the pace of integration of iron and steel, cement, glass and downstream industry increasingly accelerated in recent years, we can expect the future quality requirements for refractory will gradually increase, at the same time, according to the international experience of developed countries, the future of China's monolithic refractories accounted for ratio will increase year by year.

The second species: lateral expansion. Refractory industry itself has low concentration, decentralized competition, as of the end of June, the national refractory enterprises fell to 2108, down nearly 25% over the previous year. We expect to continue refractory enterprises through a series of mergers and acquisitions to achieve business development in the future, to expand their market share, to seize more market share.

The third: vertical integration. High resource dependence and rapidly rising raw materials bring huge pressure to the industry's profitability. We believe that vertical integration of industrial chain will become the future development needs of enterprises. We expect the future extension to the upper reaches of the potential will be key factors to determine the long-term profitability of the refractories enterprises in the future.

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