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The fourteen issue price of castable refractory brick construction should pay attention to the magnesia alumina brick

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The fourteen issue price of castable refractory brick construction should pay attention to the magnesia alumina brick

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The fourteen issue price of castable refractory brick construction should pay attention to the magnesia alumina brick

1. Preparation before construction and inspection content:

The castable equipment and cleaning; construction machinery spare parts intact; anchor material, type, size, layout and welding quality (fixed), magnesia alumina brick anchor for expansion compensation processing; and the surrounding refractory brick castable wet water prevention measures; pre test castable failure; water quality should meet the drinking water standard; the experience of acceptance, and to ensure uninterrupted construction. The main items examined are:

1, check the site cleaning status of the construction site to be poured.

2, check the preparation of construction equipment and spare parts;

3. Check the specifications, sizes, layout and fixed quality of the anchors, and the metal anchors must be treated with expansion and compensation.

4, check the refractory bricks that are in contact with the construction of castable, and prevent the water loss of the castables.

5. Inspection of water for construction, the water quality must reach the standard of drinking water.

6, check whether the castable is expired.


The construction should be ensured in the construction and no interruption of the construction in the construction.

Two. Construction requirements:

1, mold: made of steel plate or hardwood board, plate coated with mold release agent, wood board to brush waterproof paint should not leak pulp, to have enough strength.

2, mixing: with a forced mixer, pour the castables into the machine first and take out the additive pouch and pour them in. First dry and mix for 2-3 minutes, add water and wet for 3-5 minutes, add more water, but not much, add water 7.0-7.5%.

3, vibration: pouring into the mold, the castables should be laminated immediately with vibrating rods, so that no leakage and vibration can be prolonged and reactivated at the same location, so as to avoid segregation and holes in castables. The stirred castables must be removed from water to 20-30 minutes, and the initial coagulant should be abandoned. The expansion joint is set up according to the design.

4, maintenance: to be castable after surface drying, and achieve the 70% strength can tear open mode, the removal time of 24 hours, 24 hours to ensure the maintenance time.

5, drying: according to the different brands and castings lining thickness and climate conditions, users must provide enough baking time to ensure that the water does not burst. A total of more than 72 hours baking time requirements.

Three. Note:

1, strictly control the water adding, the construction room temperature in winter must be more than 5 degrees C, and there is a certain measure of antifreeze.

2, the forced mixer must be used and the artificial mixture must be strictly prohibited.

3, the anchorage nail must be added with the expansion cap or the bitumen paint.

4. This product is strictly prohibited from mixing with other castable castables.

5. The period of preservation is March.

Four. The formwork for construction can be made of steel plate and hardwood board. The template should have enough strength, and the quality of the die should be ensured not to be shifted and no slurry. The contact surface of the castable should be brushed.

Five, castable mixing and water volume should be strictly controlled. Reference should be made to the amount of water supplied by castable manufacturers. Under the premise of ensuring performance, water volume should be less and not suitable.

Six, castable mixing requires the use of forced mixer. Before use, it should be cleaned. When mixed, mix well first and add 80% water. Then add residual water until the suitable construction consistency is obtained.

Seven. The mixed castable must be used in 30 minutes, and the castable, which has already been set and even caked, must not be used.

Eight, the castables poured into the die shall be laminated immediately. The height of each floor should not be greater than 300mm, and the spacing should be 250mm or so. When it is vibrating, it can not touch anchor and heat insulation layer, and cannot be prolonged or heavy in the same location. When the surface of the castable is returned to the surface, the vibrating rod is pulled out slowly after the bubble becomes less, so as to avoid the segregation and the hole in the castable layer.

Nine, large area pouring should be divided into block construction, each area is 1.5 square meters. The expansion joint should be kept at the center position of the anchorage spacing according to the design requirements, and should not be omitted.

Ten, to be castable after hardening, demoulding strength reached 70% above may. The curing time is determined according to the variety of castable and the requirements for the design of the construction and the requirement of the pouring strength of the castable manufacturer.

Eleven. After the formwork is dismantled, the castable should be checked in time. The quality problems such as honeycomb, peeling and hole should be treated and repaired in time. A serious problem to the defect site chiseled out, with the same grade castable fill compaction, continue maintenance.

Twelve. The curing time and curing time are designed according to the pouring thickness and the temperature conditions of the castable. In the course of baking, the heating curve is strictly controlled and the heating is strictly forbidden. The slow discharge of water should be ensured to prevent the burst of castable because of the rapid heating up.

Thirteen, our company can design maintenance time and heating furnace heating curve for users and send technicians to live service.

Fourteen, shelf life: castable (the shelf life of 3 months, effective period of 6 months), spray coating for 3 months.

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