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The price of magnesia brick recycled again

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The price of magnesia brick recycled again

Release date:2018-01-30 Author: Click:

The price of magnesia brick recycled again

With the development of iron and steel smelting, non-ferrous metallurgy, building materials industry, petroleum chemical industry high temperature, and the magnesium chromium brick refractory is more important, the demand for its (omitted) potential, deal with the problem of refractory used gradually after the show in front of people. Because of the particularity of refractory materials, the recycling the rate is very low, a waste of resources at the same time, to the ring (omitted) pressure, such as cement industry in China each year to the magnesium chromium brick is about 200 thousand T, which contains Cr~ (6+) residual brick is about 80 thousand T, each of these bricks Cr~ emissions to the environment (6+) about 40t, a serious threat to the environment and people health. So, for the magnesium chromium substitute or turn on the recycling method is a scientific research focus in the (omitted) in this paper, starting from the current situation of the development of refractory materials recycling at home and abroad, research the cement kiln after using magnesia chrome bricks in magnesia based castable The recycling, use after cleaning, crushing process using magnesium chromium turn instead of producing magnesia castable in magnesia, studied the quantity and adding mode (powder or granules) on the properties of the castable. First of all, the best dispersant for the magnesium chromium brick system was determined by the experiment (omitted) and composite dispersing agent six sodium metaphosphate and lignin sulfonate, compared to the single dispersion system, which can make the physical properties of castables is optimized. Secondly, research on the (omitted) powder added effect on the sintering property of magnesia based castable. The results show that adding appropriate after use magnesia chrome brick powder can improve the physical properties of casting material, content is 8%, the optimal comprehensive performance


   Zong Gangyu (8 ~ 1mm), white corundum (3mm) with white corundum as aggregate, fine powder (less than 0.045 mm), -Al2O3 powder (less than 5 m, 50=2.01 m), fused magnesia powder (0.074mm) and silica fume ((SiO2) 94%) as substrate, the -Al2O3 powder as binder, six partial sodium phosphate for preparation of alumina magnesia castable superplasticizer, using magnesia chrome bricks instead of fused magnesia powder with fine powder of magnesia chrome bricks fine powder (mass fraction were 0, 1%, 2%, 3%) effect on the properties of castable. The test results show that with magnesia chrome bricks fine powder is added, the sample after drying and sintering strength increases, the volume density increases, the porosity decreases, the line changes increased first and then decreased; but the thermal shock resistance decreased, high flexural strength increased slightly, mainly with high temperature waste magnesia chrome brick powder and corundum powder to generate more solid solution related to the amount of.

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