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Green refractory magnesia brick brick wholesale storage will become the industry trend

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Green refractory magnesia brick brick wholesale storage will become the industry trend

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Green refractory magnesia brick brick wholesale storage will become the industry trend

To promote the expansion of refractory material in cement kiln can benefit from energy-saving and environmental protection policies similar, in cement kiln, heat storage brick developed spinel, Mg Fe spinel and magnesia hercynite brick belt used in large new dry cement rotary kiln sintering zone and the transition to or exceed the service life of magnesia chrome brick, can completely replace the magnesium chromium brick, significantly reduces the pollution of chromium.

Today, the national resources are increasingly scarce, new green environmental protection and energy saving has become the purpose of the development of refractory materials. At present, in Europe, Japan and the United States and other countries and regions, the use of green refractories has become an inevitable trend due to the mandatory regulations of the government.



We should pay attention to important points, start small, face the reality, focus, vigorously promote the users, production, R & D, design cooperation and coordination party. As an enterprise, we should strengthen cooperation with research institutions and user units, increase cooperation in production, teaching and research, and achieve new breakthroughs in the technology of green refractories.

The overall development level of China's refractory industry has a certain distance from the advanced green. Green refractories have attracted the attention of refractories and related industries. Relevant government departments and industry associations have also developed corresponding policies and measures to encourage and promote the green work of refractory materials. China refractories association also believes that during 12th Five-Year, the development of refractories will show new characteristics. Its foundation is to improve product quality and application level. The key is to increase or strengthen new connotations, namely energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon.

The basic direction of the development of refractory technology is to take independent innovation as the basic starting point, take the scientific design and application of refractory materials, make fine and green applications, reduce consumption and save resources, and push research and development to a new level. The innovative direction of refractory materials used in cement industry is chromizing and energy saving.

The understanding and behavior of the concept of green refractories should be taken into account under the guidance of the concept of systematization. For refractory industry, should be prepared to production, construction, application and postprocessing of various aspects of scientific and systematic consideration, to avoid thinking and confined to a point or surface and care for this and lose that.

To strengthen energy-saving emission reduction, the development of green and low carbon refractory products, is a global green economy strategy fundamental requirement for refractory industry. To further promote the refractories industry technological innovation, product structure adjustment and technology upgrade, new green products refractories vigorously develop energy-saving, environmental friendly and longevity, become a major trend in the current development of refractory industry.

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